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Music and getting hold of it for your group

All orchestras need music scores for rehearsals and for their concerts.  Many players are perhaps oblivious to how much effort goes into finding the right music for their next concerts.  From programming to searching to obtaining, checking, distributing to players, to returning and paying for ... this can be a complex and very time-consuming process. 

The Association is planning to do as much as possible to help our orchestras, conductors and librarians with this responsibility.

Soloists or teachers

From time to time you may want to feature a soloist - but that may mean you need to find, borrow or hire one for a special occasion. 

Or maybe you are interested in finding a teacher.  Where to start?  May we can help you?

Conductors and conducting assistance

Where would we be without our conductors?

The Association wants to develop a program of matters to do with conducting.

Where to get one if your are looking for one (as a stand-in, a trainee or a replacement.

Orchestra administration

An orchestra is first and foremost a group of people who have chosen to come together and make music.   Every group of people needs organising.  Leaders, administrators, bookkeepers, clerical administrators - the list of management tasks very quickly grows, and indeed is the key to successful orchestras.

Community Ochestras NZ is on the way to developing resources to help you.

Help from Overseas

We already have contact with a number of overseas associations for orchestras. If you would like information about these let us know.

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