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There are community music groups in every one of New Zealand's 16 regions.

There are orchestras, chamber groups, wind orchestras, symphonic bands, jazz orchestras and Youth orchestras,

There are also Schools of music aimed as developing a love of music and ability to perform in the orchestras of today and tomorrow. 

And there are associated support groups and organisations whose role is to manage the multiple activities of being orchestras so that the players can get on with what they love to do - play their instruments.

We are a team.  We are linked together by the love of music and the will to learn, rehearse, teach, organise and manage in a particular corner of our country with a common vision and goals of bringing music to the New Zealand community.

Apollo Musicum

Auckland Mandolinata Orchestra
Auckland Sinfonietta
Auckland Symphony Orchestra
Auckland Youth Orchestra
Auckland Youth Symphonic Band
Bay Cities' Symphonic Band
Bay Of Plenty Symphonia
Canterbury Philharmonia
Canterbury Philharmonia
Central Otago Regional Orchestra
Christchurch School of Music
Devonport Chamber Orchestra
Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra
Aorangi Symphony Orchestra
Garden City Orchestra
Gisborne Orchestral Society
Golden Bay Orchestral Society
Greenhill Community Orchestra
Hawera Orchestral Society
Hawke's Bay Orchestra
Hawkes Bay Community Orchestra

Hawkes Bay Training Orchestra

Hawkes Bay Youth Orchestra
Howick school of Music
Hutt Valley Orchestra
Invercargill Symphonia

Kapiti Concert Orchestra

Manawatu Sinfonia
Manawatu Youth Orchestra
Manukau Orchestral Society

Marlborough Civic Orchestra
Mozart Orchestra
Music Association of Auckland
Nelson Symphony Orchestra
New Zealand Doctors Orchestra
New Zealand Jazz Orchestra
Northland Sinfonia
NZ Korean Youth Community Orchestra
Oamaru Youth Orchestra
Orchestrate Hawkes Bay
Otago Symphonic Band
Waikato Senior Youth Orchestra

Rusty Players Orchestra
Philharmonic Society Orchestra
Resonance Ensemble
Rotorua Symphonic Band
Risingholme Orchestra
St. Matthews Chamber Orchestra
Taranaki Symphony Orchestra
Taupo Jazz Orchestra
Tawa Music Centre Orchestra
United Youth Orchestra
Wellington Chamber Orchestra
Wairarapa Community Orchestra
Wairua Sinfonietta
Wellington Symphonic Bands
Wellington Youth Orchestra
Whakatane Community Orchestra
Youth Orchestra South Canterbury

If you would like to contact any of the orchestras or organsations listed above, you can search for them on the internet, or contact us and ask to be put in touch.

Apologies that we are not in a position to provide contact information to you without the permission of the organisation or orchestra you are interested in.  But we will pass on your request to the address that we have and ask them to make direct contact with you.  We will undertake to do this within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Please put me in touch

Thanks for using this service

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